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Great people can only equal one thing - a Great Team!

We have high expectations of the team that work at Handkerchief, we want our children to be surrounded by only the best staff. Our vibrant and busy enviroment is a hub of excitment, laughter and learning. We will inspire you to advance your career, train you to have great skills and involve you in new initiatives. We believe that our staff team are at the heart of our 'OUTSTANDING' nursery and that our children reap the rewards - happy and positive role models bring a sense of security and consistency to the lives of our children and families.  

Culture and Diversity

It takes a special kind of person to work with early years children. Our staff contribute greatly to the daily organisation and running of the nursery, ensuring we deliver the highest standard of care. We look for the best practitioners to join our team - we want you to be positive, passionate, caring and respectful.

We will commit to you and your personal development wholeheartly; you will have access to training opportunities to ensure you continue to develop and stay ahead in the profession. You are the most valuable part of our nursery - without you it just wouldn't work! However we do have high expectations and expect you to commit to the children, families and values of the nursery.

We offer everyone the opportunity to grow their skills and advance their career. We are a nursery that is driven by the passion and commitment of its people. If you join us, you'll be surrounded by not only excited children but staff who want you to take ownership of projects, actively participate in team activities and most importantly ensure the safety and care of our children.

We are supporters of one an other and respect plays a big part in the culture and values of the nursery, everyone is listend too and opinions valued. We thrive on new ideas and embrace change keeping us fresh and knowledgeable.  

Learning & Development

Every team member delivers the best experiences and care for our children, we recognise however that in order for you to do this you need injections of knowledge and new leanring opportunties. We have a training plan each year that we all take part in as well as indivual courses that you can choose from to match your personal interests.

Our environments have changed dramatically each term and one constant is the fluidity in which areas and rooms adapt to the interests and curiosities of the children. We hope to continue along this path by empowering our staff to be courageous in trying new approaches and capitalising on those spontaneous moments of learning and wonder. We’ve adopted a variety of different influences and theories that influence our practice in particular the Scandinavian approaches so associated with outdoor play – in 2018 we have 3 member of staff visiting Sweden to find out more. We are also fully committed to the approaches and philosophies associated with Reggio Amelia. From 2019 we will aim to send at least 3 staff every year to Italy to gain first-hand experience of the environments and teaching in different settings.

Our staff straining programme in 2018-19 will take a slightly different direction over the next 12 months. In 2018 we have had some in-depth training with our leadership team looking at our Values and leadership theories such as Authentic Leadership.What became apparent during these sessions was how beneficial our staff found reflective exercises such as the Johari Window and Bridges’ transition model. Due to the success of these exercises we aim to place more emphasis within our training program on personal development rather than just focussing on theoretical frameworks.

The success of this training had an impact of their self awareness and well-being which directly impacted their performance at work. We will continue with this approach and look at areas of Confidence, Self Esteem and NLP in the future.

What our staff say about working at Handkerchief.....

What our staff say..

Rose - Senior Nursery Practitioner

I first worked at Handkerchief Day Nursery as a student when I was completing my Diploma in Childcare at Loughborough College.I wanted to continue my work here, as I felt settled and happy and applied for a permanent position.

Since then I have been able to continue my training with the support of the management team and this year I was appointed Senior Nursery Practitioner of the baby room, which I am delighted about.

I really like the way in which training is actively encouraged at the nursery and I recently had a brilliant opportunity to attend the NMT conference in Birmingham where I had the privilege of meeting Kathy Gooch and could share my experience of caring for babies – inspirational speaker!

I cannot wait to start the ‘Art of Being Brilliant’ training this year and continue my development. However the most enjoyable parts of my job is being with the babies - singing and dancing being a favorite! And being part of a great team that supports one another as well as having fun.

Vicky - Forest School Leader

My journey at Handkerchief Day Nursery started in 2005. I have worked in every room apart from pre-school, over the years the nursery has developed into a wonderful setting which I am proud to be a part of. I enjoy getting to know new families and watching their family units grow. Currently I work at Forest School which I find both enjoyable and rewarding.

Our team gets stronger and stronger through regular training sessions and meetings. We do lots of team building activities which are always great fun - my favourite so far has been a day at conkers!

The most recent part of my journey has been having my son who attends nursery and has settled in fantastically, I am pleased with the progress he is making and most importantly how happy he is.

Staff Opportunities

Could you work in a fun and caring environment and make a difference to a child's day? Are you looking for part time work in a day care setting?

We are currently recruiting for:

  • Bank staff (part time)
  • Level 3 Qualified Nursery Practitioner (full time)

If you would like to apply please either contact the nursery or complete an application form and return to the address below.