Tweenies (1-2 years)

Our tweenies love to...

Make a mess. To us, the bigger the mess the more creative the mind! Inventing different characters through dressing up or designing a masterpiece with paints and glitter, we believe creative play is essential at this stage of development. Tweenies can have a tendancy to end up with more paint on themselves than on a canvas but we promise to try to send them home as pristine as when you dropped them off!

As your child becomes more mobile they will seek out new opporuntities for exercise and discovery. We support our children during these milestones by offering a variety of resources and experiences that help them to develop curiosity, coordination and physical skills - you will often find our tweenies enjoying climbing and sliding on the outdoor equipment, zooming around on wheelie bugs and having a cuddle with 'Bella' our nursery rabbit.

Non-verbal communication is still the primary way in which our children tell us what they want and express how they feel. However, with encouragement from their key person and other practitioners, children start to repeat simple words for everyday objects and people. We have found that with support and plenty of interaction children's communication skills grow and their vocabulary expands at a healthy pace during this period.

We actively encourage our tweenies to explore and discover and we as practitioners are there as a source of secruity and comfort should they need it.

These are just some of the areas in our tweenie room...

Heuristic Play - Is rooted in young children's natural curiosity. This type of play focuses on and provides opportunities to feel, ponder objects and exlpore what can be done with them. Crucial in the development of the senses, attention, hand-eye co-ordination and making choices, as well as stacking, filling, knocking down and selecting which are the very beginnings of basic mathematics. We recognise the significance of spontaneous exploratory play for our children’s development and offering them plentiful opportunities.

Imitation - Much has been written recently of the important implications of imitation for our understanding of ourselves, both individually and socially. Imitation is not just an important factor in human development, but also has a pervasive influence throughout life in ways we are just beginning to understand.

Hygge is a feeling you cannot translate. Our Tweenie room is brimming with the 'Hygge' feeling. Pronounced hue-guh, is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special. It’s about a space that promotes emotional well-being, togetherness and friendship. It’s a place children, can feel comfortable to snuggle down or explore with confidence.

Tweenie Room Q&A

Question: Will my child have to feed themselves in Tweenies?


We encourage the children to use a spoon but practitioners are on hand to help them throughout all meal times.

Question: Do I need to supply any extra clothing?


Depending on the weather you will need to supply wellies, water proof clothing, sun hat etc, we do have lots of spare clothes just in case.

Question: Will they still sleep in a cot?


If your child still has two sleeps during the day they can sleep in the sleep room next door (in a cot) or on a sleep mat in the tweenie room.

Question: Can my child still have a bottle of milk?


Yes we will still supply milk for your child either in a beaker or a bottle until you tell us otherwise.