Toddler Room (2-3 years)

Our Toddlers love to...

Explore, experiment and try things out. Active learning supports children to choose their activities - what they want to do and how they will do it. This isn't about "end products" but instead about the experience gained. Each environment is tailored to arouse every child's curiosity: explore, experience and create.

Our toddler room has been carefully designed to provide the best experiences for our children. We are passionate that we get this right and have invested time in developing each area considering every stage of development. We recognise that our toddler's are really starting to find thier 'feet' and often want to feel independent as well as supported. Each day our activities are engaging, bringing new challenges, as well as providing familairity. Often children at this age like to pretend objects are things from thier own experiences and represent these through their play. That is why we endevoour to respect what they have been playing with by leaving these resources out for longer periods of time; for example, when a big tower is built or a bed is made for the babies we leave this alone and don't interupt thier play until this has naturally come to an end.

Active learning and the desire to be inlvoved in new experiences is what we foster and encourage amongst our toddler children. We motivate them to try new things and to enjoy different exeriences which helps and suppports them to feel a sense of achievement as well as the skill to keep on trying! Our children are proud of thier achievemtns and we represnet these using lots of of photos around the room. Praise and recognition are just two of the ways we build up self-esteem amongst our children - this is very important to us. Look out for regular photos, sent direct to our familes using the iPad, catching your child in action!

Creative play has an on-going place within our toddler room. We encourage and provide daily opportunities for them to have fun expressing themselves; developing thier fine motor skills along the way. Our toddler children have access to a variety of mark making and messy play materials; crayons, painting easels, playdough, clay, sand, mud and water - lots of mess and great fun!

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited"

Developing self-help skills such as being toilet trained, finding thier own coat or shoes, is our way of ensuring we prepare them with life skills. Our children have thier own peg for personal belongings and a drinks bottle all labelled with their name and photo to provide a sense of belonging and encourage them to become more independent. We've found self-help and independence soon emerges when aduts provide the opportunities and support the child in their quest to a new found freedom.

Positive interactions and communciation ensures our children's vocabulary, speech and listening skills are enhanced and encouraged. Language is developing rapidly at this stage and children are beigining to put sentences together. Taking part in conversations that are led by the child but enhanced by the practitioner is a great way for children to learn new things and to begin to think about the past, present and future. Looking at books, listening to stories, rhyming and rhythm are all important steps in literacy.

Trips to our local library is just another way we encouarge our children to love and enjoy.

Some of the areas in our Toddler room

"Authentic Resources" Our Toddler room is full of authentic resources that children have access to on a daily basis. You can often walk through our Toddler room and find a group of children with their chairs pulled up to the piano playing their friends a song!

"Playdough Station" Playdough can be very theraputic and relaxing for children and adults! It's an open material that can be manipulated into anything you want it to be, or just move around in their hands. The opportunities are endless, and by adding materials, objects, herbs etc. it can further childrens play.

"Loose Parts" These open ended resources are materials with no specific set of directions, they can be used alone or combined with other materials. Children need environments they can manipulate, where they can invent, construct, evaluate and modify their own imaginative ideas through play. 

Things that our children like to do

Our role play area is full of great opportunities. To ensure our children have real life experiences we provide them with real resources. At the start of every week we have fresh fruit and vegetables delivered - a favourite being the 'Coconut' ! Pots, pans and dressing up assist our children to re-enact real life experiences that have happened and are important to them. Great importance is placed on this level of play as children not only have great fun together but their learning is never ending.

Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.

Albert Einstein

Toddler Room Q&A

Question: When should I start toilet training?


You should start potty training when your child is showing signs for being ready. For more information please see our leaflet.

Question: When will my child move to Pre-School?


Your child will move to pre-school between 3 - 3 and a half years old. It will also depend on the individual child and if they are ready to move to a new room.

Question: What should you do if you think your child needs additional support developmentally?


We are here to help and if you have any questions or queries no matter how silly you think they may sound, we can help at nursery or signpost you in the right direction. We have two appointed nursery Special Needs Coordinators and have regular visits from the local Health Visitor and Local Authority Special Needs Coordinator.

Question: Can I limit my child's sleep during the day?


When you are trying to cut down how often or how long your child sleeps for in the day it is best to speak with your child’s key person and together you can discuss the new routine. However we can’t always stop a child from falling asleep but will endeavour to keep them occupied and busy.