There's no such thing as bad weather only wrong clothes....

Our Gardens and the Great Outdoors

Our outdoor environment is one of our biggest assets at the nursery. We have no shortage of space but it’s what we do with it that really counts. Whether it’s watching spiders build their webs on a frosty day or squirrels climbing a tree on a spring morning we utilise every moment to find opportunities for learning and development.

We’ve invested heavily in our outdoor area to ensure that the weather acts as no barrier to us enjoying the great outdoors. All you have to do is provide the wellies and the waterproofs and we will provide the priceless opportunities to explore and satisfy the most curious of minds.

Bug hunts, bird watching with binoculars, building dens, treasure maps, hide and seek – young or old, these are activities that are timeless for both children and parents alike. From the baby garden with an abundance of smells and textures to learning to ride a bike on a safe surface, our outdoors are designed to make the most of every moment.

What we get up to outdoors...

Our Muddy Kitchen - An outdoor kitchen where children and mud meet to experiment; mud pies, slimy sauces, potions and many other concoctions. Packed full of equipment such as old kettles, bottles, jars, cake moulds, bowls, microwave, cupboards - our children help us keep the equipment topped up by bringing in used utensils, pots and pans from home. With an endless supply of mud and equipment the learning is endless. Our young explores are curious and fascinated, and the muddy kitchen facilitates this bringing realms of magic and fantasy to life. Not forgetting the importance of hygine, we have an outdoor hand washing unit that is portable so no matter where those muddy hands go, they are washed clean at the end of every session.

Active Ace Tennis Lessons - Our Tennis Coach, Charlotte, comes to nursery every Monday morning. Our children have coaching in small groups. Basic ball skills are a priority at first leading on to holding and controlling a tennis racket. Some of our pre-school children can now do some great volleys!

Playground - Our children really enjoy whizzing around on the balance bikes and scooters. Our soft surface playground ensures we get a good variety of physical play and endurance.

Outdoor classroom - we have a special space where quieter moments can be had outdoors. Some of our children enjoy chilling out on large comfy bean bags, looking at books whilst others like to draw and dress-up. We have created spaces for all types of learning and play.

Bug hunts, building dens, treasure maps, hide and seek – young or old these are activities that are timeless for both children and parents alike.